Report to Law Enforcement

If a victim chooses to file a report, the first responders to the call are patrol officers. They will arrange for transportation of the victim to the emergency room (ER). If the victim goes to the ER before contacting law enforcement, the hospital will contact law enforcement at the victim's request. The patrol officers assure the victim's safety, secure the scene of the assault, gather information that will help in apprehending the suspect (any relevant description, location, and time), put out an alert for apprehending the suspect if needed, and contact detectives.

The detectives will then interview the victim in depth in order to make a detailed, step-by-step report of the assault. This interview may be conducted at the victim's residence, at the police station, or at the hospital. The detectives with collect evidence pertaining to the crime, take photographs of any injuries, collect witness statements, and interview the suspect, if located. The collection of evidence may include a Sexual Assault Kit being completed at the ER by medical staff.

If the detectives believe there is probable cause for felony charges, they will arrest the suspect or present the case to the State's Attorney's office for review and consideration of charges. The State's Attorney reserves the right to file charges against any suspect when there is probable cause that the suspect committed a felony offense, but the State's Attorney will take the victim's wishes into consideration.

The victim can request a victim's advocate to provide support and guidance through the entire process. The State's Attorney's office provides the victim with information regarding any legal process or court proceedings.

If the case has been submitted to the State's Attorney's Office, the contact information for that office is as follows:

Clay County State's Attorney's Office
211 W Main St Suite 1
Vermillion, SD 57069
Phone: 605-677-7107