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The University of South Dakota is governed by South Dakota Board of Regents Policy on Harassment (including sexual harassment and assault) which is applicable to all students, staff, and faculty. Complaint process falls under Human Rights Complaint Procedures. There are both formal and informal options available within the resolution process.

The University-wide resolution process is:

  • Compliant with applicable law
  • Fair for those filing complaints and those responding to complaints
  • Manageable for everyone involved in the process
  • Trauma-informed, both in design and resolution
  • Empowering to victims through outlining and enabling choice
  • Centered on the University of South Dakota community

All reports of student misconduct governed by these policies, will be investigated and when a reasonable basis to proceed is determined under Human Rights Complaint Procedures, the Vice President & Dean of Students will work toward an informal resolution option, when viable, with the complainant and the respondent. These consultations will occur separately, beginning with the complainant and if agreeable to the complainant, a consultation will next occur between the VP/DOS and the respondent. If no informal resolution is viable, the matter will move to a formal hearing under the Student Code of Conduct.